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If you are looking for answers to your mortgage and debt problems, this site might be the most important site you ever read.


First I will tell you the story of how I survived the last real estate crash. I was an investor and I got into big trouble. I managed to get myself out of trouble years later. And now I know what you should do to get yourself out of trouble.

So read this if you are in ANY of the following situations (or several):

1. You owe more than your house is worth.

2. You can no longer afford to live in your house

3. You want to live in your house but can't afford the newly reset ARM payments

4. You have crushing credit card debts and are thinking about bankruptcy

5. You want to sell your house but there are "no buyers".




Bubble secrets that set you free


Okay, so let's begin. I will tell you a little bit more about my story because it will show you some insight into your own problems. And then I'll be very specific about things you should do in terms of "A, B and then C". So listen up.

In California in the last real estate bubble and crash, I was able to finally sell my house and take a big loss. This was in 1995. Prices started falling in 1990. Everyone (including me) thought prices would "come back" soon. But that didn't happen. Prices plummeted. Over years.

So I should have sold years sooner. That was a big mistake on my part because I didn't know better then. If I had sold earlier, years earlier, I could have been happy renting, and with a big bank balance awaiting a better day when it was time to buy again.

Only people who sold their house and rented were immune from the crash in California in 1990.

So this time around, in 2005, my wife and I sold our house and now we rent.

Two years ago, everyone thought we were crazy. Two years later, it seems like we did the smart thing. But only because of that experience in Los Angeles.

So if you don't want to sell but want to stay instead, what should you do? I will explain.

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